Greetings, Devonshire Parish Family! Your ‘Parish Council’ stands ready to serve. As an advocate for this culturally diverse area of Bermuda, that boasts a rich history, our Parish Council maintains a vital role in acting on behalf of the community and its residents. As an independent body, with an apolitical outreach, we service a variety of responsibilities. All of which are handled, with you the residents in mind. Some of our responsibilities include:
As you can see, your Parish Council works hard, behind the scenes to support the promotion of economic and social cohesiveness, as well as an aesthetically vibrant community for all of its residents.
The goal of the Devonshire Parish Council Scholarship is to invest in the development of exceptional students who are dedicated to pursuing their goals and committed to instilling positive change within our community. We are delighted to continue to financially support students in obtaining post-secondary school degrees. Scholarships are available annually, on a competitive basis, to:

Award preference will be given to applicants with strong academic credentials, a commitment to activity and service and financial need. Award amounts up to $5,000.

Razi Garland, Denae Burchall (Scholarship Committee Chairperson), Kayla McCarthy, Cymone Sims (Devonshire Parish Council Chairperson), Timaris Thomas, Isabella Gaugain, Jaden Smith, Sharon Lacey (Scholarship Committee Member). 
  • Jaden Smith – Bachelor of Kinesiology, Acadia University
  • Razi Garland – BSc Psychology. Bethune Cookman University
  • Kayla McCarthy – BSc in Bioveterinary Science
  • Timaris Thompson – Music Performance and Production Diploma – Uxbridge College
  • Isabella Gaugain – BSc [Hons] Social Work, University of Winchester

Pictured left to right: Council Steele, Awardee Armani Brandy, Council Grant, Awardee Micah Richardson, and Council Dill. Missing from photo: Council Saunders

Micah O’Brien

Taylor Hill

DPC Scholarship Committee Members – Chrislyn Dill, John Steele, and Michelle Grant – scholarship committee chair (Missing: Denelle Saunders) and award winner Micah O’Brien

(Also Missing: Recipient Taylor Hill)

Raesaah Shakir,  Sihle Sharrieff-Hayward,  Deja Tucker and Aneika Fox [Missing: Zaren Bennett]

Cymone F. Sims

Cymone F. Sims has been an active member of the Devonshire Parish Council since January 2018, initially serving as Secretary. Her commitment to the community led her to accept the position without hesitation, driven by her organizational skills and passion for making a difference. With three years of dedicated service, Cymone was appointed as Chairperson of the Devonshire Parish Council, further showcasing her leadership and capabilities.
As a Devonshire resident for three decades, Cymone deeply values her role in improving the very community where her children were raised and her grandchildren are growing up. Her greatest reward comes from serving the residents and contributing to their well-being. Cymone’s dedication, coupled with her love for her family, fuels her passion to work diligently towards a brighter future for all.
Before accepting her Council appointment, Cymone thoroughly discussed the role’s responsibilities and recognized the impact she could make. Her commitment to bettering lives and shaping a caring community makes her an invaluable asset. Through her enthusiasm, dedication, and leadership, Cymone’s legacy will have a lasting impact, inspiring others to contribute to the growth and unity of the Devonshire Parish.

Michelle Grant

Michelle Grant, a devoted resident of Devonshire Parish for over thirty years, was appointed to the Devonshire Parish Council in 2020. Since her appointment, she has served on the scholarship committee, supporting educational opportunities for the community’s youth. In 2023, Michelle’s capabilities were further recognized, and she was appointed as the Council’s Secretary.
As an IT professional specializing in information systems and project management, Michelle’s expertise brings significant value to the Council. Additionally, she serves as an adjunct lecturer at Bermuda College, sharing her knowledge and nurturing future talent. Michelle’s voluntary service to the Council is driven by her belief in the incredible value of being of service to others, reflecting her deep commitment to making a positive impact in Devonshire Parish.

Lovette Lovell

Lovette Lovell, a retired Registered Nurse with deep roots in Devonshire, joined the Devonshire Parish Council in 2018. Her eagerness to understand the function of parish councils and her genuine commitment to the well-being of the community motivated her to become an active member. Lovette’s extensive healthcare experience has nurtured a strong sense of compassion, making her dedicated to improving residents’ lives through her role on the Council. Having lived her entire life in Devonshire, Lovette’s firsthand knowledge of the community’s evolution fuels her passion for making a positive impact. As a caring and experienced healthcare professional, she brings valuable expertise to the Council, seeking meaningful ways to enhance residents’ welfare. Lovette Lovell’s decision to give back to her beloved community through the Devonshire Parish Council reflects her deep commitment and dedication to the betterment of Devonshire’s residents.

Sharon Lacey

Sharon Lacey, a dedicated resident of Devonshire Parish for over 40 years, has made a lasting impact as a social worker, having retired after 11 years of service at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute in Devonshire. Her advocacy work on behalf of individuals’ rights to access essential services is widely recognized, and her retirement from full-time employment has not deterred her from using her expertise to benefit others. Sharon’s commitment to her community is evident in her continued support for the elderly in her neighborhood, where she links them to crucial resources such as caregivers and financial assistance.
With a wealth of experience and a deep passion for helping others, Sharon Lacey eagerly anticipates her role on the Devonshire Parish Council. Representing the residents of Devonshire Parish, she aims to be a strong advocate for the needs and concerns of the community. Her dedication to service and her unwavering commitment to the well-being of the residents make her a valuable addition to the council, ensuring that the voices of the community are heard and represented effectively. Sharon’s tireless efforts to support and empower others exemplify her as a compassionate leader dedicated to making a positive impact within her beloved Devonshire Parish.

John Steele

John Steele, a proud Bermudian, spent the first 32 years of his life on the island before pursuing a successful career in IT in Texas and California. With over 35 years of experience as a software engineer, including working for Apple Computer and Pearson International, John returned to Bermuda in 2013 with his wife and two daughters. His appointment to the Devonshire Parish Council fills him with pride, as he has a strong desire to give back to the community where he grew up and reconnect with his Bermudian roots. John’s extensive IT expertise and passion for community development make him a valuable asset to the council and his beloved Devonshire Parish.
Having witnessed the growth and changes in the community over time, John Steele is committed to making a positive impact. His return to Bermuda reflects his unwavering dedication to serving and improving the place he calls home. With his valuable skills and deep connection to the community, John is poised to contribute to the betterment of Devonshire and support its prosperity for future generations.

Cathy Wilson

Cathy Wilson, a dedicated resident of Devonshire Parish for over 20 years, was appointed to the Devonshire Parish Council in April 2020. Although originally from Pembroke Parish, Cathy has nurtured a strong connection to Devonshire, making it her cherished home.
As a devoted mother of two sons and a loving grandmother, her deep sense of love and care for her community drives her eagerness to serve on the council. Cathy embraces this opportunity with enthusiasm, looking forward to giving back and making a positive impact on the place she holds close to her heart. Her commitment to community service and her genuine desire to contribute to the well-being of her fellow residents make her a valuable asset to the Devonshire Parish Council.

Denae D. Burchall

Denae Daron Burchall, a lifelong resident of Devonshire Parish, holds a BSc in Human Service (Child & Adolescent Development) and is pursuing an MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience in Mental Health. With a strong passion for community and advocacy, Denae has previously worked in the non-profit sector and recently transitioned to training in the hospitality and tourism industry, reflecting her enthusiasm for education and Bermuda’s offerings.
As one of the younger members of the Council, Denae aims to be a voice for the youth in the parish and is committed to preserving Devonshire’s cultural heritage while fostering a strong sense of communal spirit for all residents. Her diverse experiences and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the Devonshire Parish Council, shaping a bright future that empowers the community’s youth and honors its rich traditions.

Renee Riley

Meet Renee Riley, a devoted resident of Devonshire for over four decades, who has been shaping young minds as a passionate Computer Science Teacher at The Berkeley Institute for the past two years. But that’s not all—Renee’s true excitement lies in connecting with her neighbours, both near and far, to rekindle a vibrant sense of community through engaging events and shared interests. Her determination to foster unity and camaraderie led her to manage the Wolves Sports Clubs Football and Cricket teams, where she also dedicated her time to supporting the homework club for young players, ensuring their holistic development.
Now, with an even grander vision in mind, Renee has taken up the mantle of the council to make a lasting impact on the very community that raised her. Eager to give back and uplift those around her, she sees the council as a stepping stone on her mission to create a thriving and interconnected neighbourhood. With Renee’s enthusiasm and genuine commitment to her cause, the future of Devonshire’s community involvement shines brighter than ever before.

Delton Richards

Meet Delton Richards, a dedicated member of the Devonshire Council since 2019 and a former nursing assistant at KEMH. With a genuine passion for helping the less fortunate, Delton has volunteered at the former Pembroke Rest Home at KEMH and MAWI. He initiated a successful hamper drive with Consistency C15 to support the homeless community, leaving a lasting impact on the community. Having lived in Devonshire for over 30 years, Delton’s understanding of local challenges and aspirations makes him an integral part of the Council. Through his compassionate actions, he inspires others to create a better, more caring world for all.

If there is an issue, that directly impacts you, your area or the Parish at large (eg roadways, infrastructure, neighborhoods or even hardships – to name a few), please reach out to your Devonshire Parish Council for assistance or advice. As a legitimate body, mandated to serve, we will attempt to aid or point you in the right direction, so that you can have access to the help needed to resolve the matter. The Council wants to ensure, that all of our residents are equipped with the knowledge needed, to effectively handle any issue related to you or our Parish.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or call 535-9639.

We value your input!


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